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Materia Medica of the Enchanted Willow

A Diorama of the Underworld

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All Members , Moderated
Materia Medica of the Enchanted Willow is a place to share information on herbs, their uses, your experiences with them, pictures, stories, dreams, poems, artwork, and information.

The Meteria Medica will post any entry on a specific herb, healing method, therapy, related news article, photograph, website link, poem, story or the like. Each entry is open to your input and welcomes your ideas.

For example: If a post is written about the herb "Angelica" all comments following must be related to Angelica.
If a post is written about "Reiki" all comments following must be abour Reiki.

There is much useful information to be shared, and I know everyone has a story, so feel free to put down your thoughts, your fears, your dreams, your hopes, your experiences, your life goals all in the context of the post.

There will be no spamming, no combative language, and no insulting here. The Materia Medica of the Enchanted Willow allows for positive and progressive group discussions, knowing and understanding that even if you enter a post on a day you are depressed and simply need guidance, someone on the other side will be waiting to talk with you and guide you in a non intrusive, caring way, showing you a path that you may not have been aware of before.

The community facilitator is Eleanor, Aromatherapist and Herbalist, aspiring humanitarian, musical anthropologist, art therapy practitioner, and friend of the earth.

A thought from the Enchanted Willow archives:
When we walk in such a way, that the earth is in our shoes, in the fists of our hands, and in our pockets, as we charge forward through the dust of the changing world, in it, but not of it, we can feel comforted to know there are others out there amidst the matrix with the same honorable goals. Determined to bring the earth back to health, her people back to healing, and to change the way our personal views project upon and affect our surroundings. Living in harmony, all things balanced, acheiving awareness through mindful acts, compassionate giving, honesty and an open heart, these are the people of the underworld, the gardeners, the dreamers, the explorers, the artists, the poets and writers, the dramaticists, the transcendentalists, the cultivators of wisdom, these are our role models in a world that has gone over the edge. As she fights to challenge those who would undermine her and degrade her, she cradles us. We can feel her in the whisper of the sky, the murmer of oceans, a kiss like a raindrop beneath your lashes, even her scorching sun, reminds us of who we are. These are the reasons to nurture her, induce her with vitality and impregnate her with her own unique bounty. I will always honor this in my own way, as much as I can and inspire others to do the same.
Eleanor Moyer, Enchanted Escapes Herbals.